Apply for COE

Who can apply?

We look for young people who want to be actively involved in our community.

Applicants need to be members of a Christian church and be enroled at a university in Munich. If your first language is not German then you should prepare some German skills in a language course.


When Should I Apply?

You can apply in November for the summer semester and in May for the winter semester. We decide on a rolling basis dependent on the availability of rooms. Most decisions are taken in July for the winter semester and January for the summer semester. 

You can then move in on the 01/09 for the Wintersemester and on the 1/03 for the Summersemester!


How can I apply?

1) Please download this form.

If this link does not work you’re probably using your smartphone and have deactivated downloads someway. Please try to use the link on your computer. If this doesn’t work either we have to apologise for the inconvenience. You can contact us via and we send you the form manually.

2) Answer the questions it in English or German and send it to

Please attach a proof of your church membership to your e-Mail! A certificate of matriculation or of your participation in a language course will be needed on the day of you moving in. We would be very happy to read more about you in a letter of reference if you have one at hand. We cannot provide a standardised confirmation of receipt.

3) Short listed candidates are then invited to a conversation with the study director and the student representatives. If necessary, this can be done via Zoom.

We do consider the ratio between students of theology and other disciplines, German and international students, and gender identities.