Interested in the Collegium Oecumenicum?

In that case, we are looking forward to receiving your application!

Who can apply?

Applicants need to be members of a Christian church. Other requirements: Enrolment at university or enrolment in language studies that directly prepare for university studies.
We look for young people who want to be actively involved in our community.


You can apply anytime. We decide on a rolling basis dependent on the availability of rooms. Most decisions are taken in July for the winter semester and January for the summer semester.

Application procedure

Please apply using the form to the right.
Short listed candidates are being invited to a conversation with the study director and the student representatives. If necessary, this can be done by phone or skype.
There is a great variation of the number of free rooms in each semester and we take care to keep the balance between students of theology and other disciplines, German and international students, as well as women and men. Therefore, it is not possible to predict the chances of an application.

Application for a dormitory room

Please apply using this Google Form.